A Wrap-Up for the Week

I don’t think I’ve done this before, but this has been a bit of a new cycle for me this week, so I wanted to wrap it up for anyone who may have missed a bit.

The DSC Book is now open-source and owned by a community organization. That means it has a minimum price of $0 on Leanpub, and anything you choose to pay goes to DevOps Collective scholarships.

I’ve released The Never, a book I’ve been wanting to write for 18 years. It’s almost 80,000 words, and I’m immensely happy about it. There’s a free ebook offer for those who want to help get the book noticed.

I’ve released Be the Master, 4th Edition and have several offers related to it, including a limited-edition hardcover, an upcoming virtual workshop, and a free ebook offer.

I published Part IV of my online “Writing Workshop,” and if you ever need to write things, it’s a good, short series of articles to read through.

I’ve got articles poised on both DonJones.com and BeTheMaster.com to get you through the holidays and beyond; I hope you’ll stay tuned!