A Podcast Pilot – Your Opinion Requested

This week, I published two distinct podcast episodes. I think you’ll enjoy them both, but I’d like to actually ASK and see what you think.

The first, on emotional intelligence, is in what I think of as my “standard” format. Someone proposes a topic, and they join the show along with an expert or two that I dig up from my Rolodex. The idea is to let me use my contacts to answer your questions. Right now, I’m trying to do these every other week.

The second, on business finances, is something I’m considering for the “in between” weeks. It’s a “round table” format; I’m physically joined by some regulars, who are business leaders from various sectors. I’m also joined by a technology professional, who represents the audience, and who brings each episode’s topic to the table. These aren’t necessarily super-focused, but the intent is to help listeners better understand the world of business. From time to time, a remote expert may also join via Skype.

I’d like your thoughts, if you have a moment to answer two questions.