A MASSIVE Toolmaking Book Update (addresses #PowerShell 7!)

For those who’ve purchased The PowerShell Scripting & Toolmaking Book on Leanpub, you should know there’s a major update available. Details follow.

Hicks has been hard at work on this update, which includes fun stuff like working with CSV files, building auto-completers, custom logging, and a lot more, in addition to PowerShell 7-specific content.

If you’ve not bought the book, the minimum price is about $5 higher now. This update illustrates the continued commitment to the book, and the advantage of paying a bit more up-front for a “Forever Edition,” where you get all future updates for free.

Hope you enjoy!


  • Update Lab setup
  • Updated Introduction
  • Updated A Note on Code Listings
  • New teaching examples and code in Part 1
  • Added a chapter on working with CSV files in Part 4
  • Added a chapter on Auto Completers to Part 5
  • Added a chapter on custom formatting to Part 5
  • Added a chapter on logging to Part 5
  • Added Part 7 to cover PowerShell 7 scripting concepts and techniques
  • Links updated and revised throughout the entire book
  • Spelling, grammar and code clean up throughout the entire book
  • Sample code files encoding set to UTF8

2019-Jul-12 (These changes were never published as a new version of the book)

  • Markdown cleanup on all chapters
  • Updated Author page
  • Updates to Tips and Tricks
  • Updates to Advanced Function Tricks
  • Updated Lab Setup
  • Updated many references and examples to reflect newer builds of PowerShell and VS Code
  • code cleanup and reformatting for clarity

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