More Details: The fate of “Be the Master” and “Let’s Talk Business”

As previously announced, I have retired Be the Master and Let’s Talk Business, two of my self-published books. But it’s actually good news:

Manning Books has signed me up to write Master Your Technology Career, which will include much of the narrative and content from these prior books. That content will be re-cast slightly to be more specific and actionable to a technologist audience. The new book will also bring in a metric butt-tonne of new content around key soft skills, professionalism, personal branding, job hunt foundations, and a lot more.

Continuing in the new book will be the message of growing your career to where you need it to be for your success, rather than a focus on endless progression through the recursive rat race. And especially continuing will be the message of helping others to achieve their success.

I know Be the Master and Let’s Talk Business have proven useful to many of you, and it’s my hope this new project will be even more useful. Manning typically makes books available through their Manning Early Access Program (MEAP) once the first chunk of the book is done, enabling you to get in on the ground floor of the new manuscript and offer feedback that I can incorporate into the final volume. I’ll be sure to post details of that MEAP once it’s available.

If you’ve read the two predecessor volumes, you’re going to find a lot more to like in the new book. For one, I’m going through every single piece of the legacy content word-by-word, and I’ll be rewriting most of it to focus more on “my people:” technology professionals. Tightening the focus lets me bring a lot more to the table, since this is the field I’ve worked in since graduating as an aircraft mechanic apprentice in the mid-1990s. Honestly, I’m really looking forward to it.

I hope you’ll come along for the ride! Right now, I gotta lotta writing to do ;).

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