rudolph’s christmas town train set for sale

Hello, Christmas fans! I’ve always been a huge fan of the nostalgic Rankin-Bass “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” and for many years our Christmas traditions included this collector-quality train set. Sadly, we no longer have room for it, so it’s looking for a new home.

Here’s what you get (and one thing you don’t, as it was lost in the move):

This is a Bachmann Trains set, so you can use any of Bachmann’s E-Z Track pieces to extend the set.


All pieces are in excellent shape. You’ll notice some “whitening” on some of the gray track pieces; that’s leftover artificial snow and can be removed with rubbing alcohol, or you can pick up your own fake snow to build up “berms” alongside the track.

I’m asking just $175 for the entire set. Originally sold by The Bradford Exchange for $80/car, this is worth over $550 without all the extra track pieces! Sadly, US Domestic Shipping is going to be about $88, because I want to make sure everything is massively bubble-wrapped, unless you’d care to pick it up in Las Vegas, NV (if you do, I’ll refund the shipping portion).


Note that you need to supply a shipping address. If PayPal accidentally oversells, I’ll immediately refund your order.