IMPORTANT: If you bought “Be the Master” (any edition) on Leanpub, READ THIS (includes free copies)

If you purchased “Be the Master” on Leanpub (it’s no longer available for sale there), I urge you to check the following, so that you can obtain a discount on the new, replacement book I’m writing with Manning.

  1. Go to and log into your account.
  2. Click the “three-line menu icon” and select Library, then Books.
  3. Click the cover for “Be the Master”
    If you bought multiple editions, do this for each.
  4. Ensure the “New Version Available” checkbox is checked (selected)

This will ensure you receive an email when the book is updated. Now, the book isn’t going to be updated. But, I am working on a replacement book for Manning, which will be entering Early Access very soon. Once it does, I’ll “update” the book and provide you with an offer code to get the book at a discount.

I’ll be doing that ONCE, and ONLY via that mechanism, and the offer WILL be LIMITED TIME. This isn’t one of those things where you can hit me up in a year, tell me you forgot to do it or missed the email, and have me get you a new code — it doesn’t work that way ;).

I’d love for the many readers of “Be the Master” to have a shot at getting the new book at a discount, so please try to share this through your various channels. Again, if you haven’t already purchased the book, it’s no longer for sale and I can’t make exceptions to that (legally). I’ll still try and offer a discount to the general public, and to anyone who bought the book on Amazon or elsewhere, but my “best deal” will likely be for the Leanpub folks.

Thanks for taking the time to update your Leanpub account, and I hope to contact you soon regarding the new book!