LISTEN: Making the Switch from tech Writing to Fiction

Let’s take a slight diversion for the holiday season and do a mashup of career and hobby! I’m joined by Thomas Henson (@henson_tm), and we’re talking about making the jump from being a tech writer to a fiction writer. And, if you’re looking at becoming a tech writer, there’s some useful bonus advice there, too!

One thought on “LISTEN: Making the Switch from tech Writing to Fiction

  1. Lee Allen Howard

    This episode was immensely helpful, Don. I’ve been a tech writer in the software industry for 35 years and, although I’ve written fiction on the side during that time, I’ll be retiring in a few years and want to segue into full-time fiction writing. I enjoyed hearing about your process, especially the outlining you do. I’m a plotter and outliner, and I hope to perfect my process this year from ideation to writing to marketing. Thanks again for the help and insight.

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