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Get five full novels and a collection of short stories...

The Order of Some
a story of witchkind

Finley’s in a pretty good place in life. He’s on his last year at Disemstoke’s, one of the Great Schools of witchkind. He’s got a great set of friends, including best-friend-forever Arcadia. He even knows he’s about to be offered a place in one of the school’s prestigious and rare post-graduate programs. His family’s proud of him, and he’s even showing signs of runewright talent, the uncommon aptitude for being able to understand and reconstruct spells in the magic, diagrammatic language of his people.

But suddenly, just as he’s teetering on the brink of adulthood with everything coming up roses, Finley is offered a choice: continue on this current path, enjoy almost guaranteed academic success, and set himself up for a prosperous and successful life, or… do something different: join a centuries-old secret Order that helps protect witchkind from the humans they live invisibly alongside. He can choose to set aside the sure thing, and join the select few who really make a difference in the lives of ordinary witchkind.

So what’ll it be? A life of intellectual challenge and lifelong success—or a dive into a mysterious and unknown Order that is somehow essential to the continued survival of witchkind?

And what does this Order do, anyway?

The Order of Some continues the story of witchkind that first began in Daniel Scratch. Set some 200 years after the events of Master of the Tower, this new tale explores a world of witchkind that has changed, grown more prosperous, and developed its own new mysteries. Whether you’re new to the world of witchkind or an avid fan, The Order of Some presents a compelling story of adventure, adulthood, choice, and duty that will leave you anxious for more!

Released on April 5, 2021
The Order of Some
Book 4

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-953645-05-0

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