Go On… You Know You Want To Ask.

This is a request: treat this as an “Ask Me Anything.” I’d like questions from you. Ideally, ones you think I can answer, but given a running start I’m sure I can come up with some answer <grin> to whatever you might ask. One caveat:

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AMA: What’s not worth automating?

Anna asks:

At which point do you stop automating repeatable tasks? As in, what tasks aren’t worth automating? My boss wants me to automate all SQL Server database repeatable tasks.
Good question. BTW, if you have a question, use the “HMU” menu link to hit me up.

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AMA: How do you share when nobody’s listening?

Svilen writes:

In the last month or so I have not seen any questions to you, so I’ve decided to drop you a line. 🙂 I like your idea of spreading knowledge to the people around you – I’m referring mostly to the colleagues, when I say people.

So here comes the question: have you ever been in a situation, where you wanted to share knowledge, but the people around you show no interest – either because of seniority or age difference, and they just do the things in ‘their way’?

What did/would you do?

Yeah, that’s a tough one.

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AMA: How Do You De-Stress?

I’ve recently had a few folks ask something along the lines of, “how do you care for yourself, personally, and deal with the stress from work?”

It’s actually kind of a simple answer, but it comes in a few parts.

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AMA: Books or Video?

Nelson asks:

Reading books versus watching videos or a combination of both to evolve in your career? I am actually trying to evolve in my career as a Windows Systems Administrator and since a few months already, I am trying to learn the most I can about PowerShell. I feel that I am in low intermediate level. I am almost ending my first book written by you “PowerShell in a Months of Lunches” and looking forward to continue with the others. Trying to automate many routine tasks at my actual job in a successful way till now. But honestly, is really hard sometimes to advance with the speed I would wish to. Nevertheless, and since there are so many different companies providing studies through videos, I sometimes have the doubt if by only watching videos might be good enough to increase the level of knowledge or it is really recommended a combination of both (books and videos together). The lack of time for normal persons like me with family and kids might tend to prioritize the videos. But can you really get to the next level by only doing that?

I hope you’ll ask a question, too! And here’s the list of everything asked so far.

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AMA: Becoming an Executive

Jason asks:

Before asking my question I would like to say thank you for your contributions to the Powershell community. I’ve read several of your books particularly both lunches books and a few of your ebooks. Powershell has had a profound impact on my IT career especially in improving my productivity and effectiveness.

At this midpoint in my career I am evaluating pursuing an MBA. However I don’t want to make the financial and time commitment without a clear idea of how an MBA plays in to a career trajectory that lands at a CTO or equivalent position. What from your experience is required to make that transition executive management.

And here’s the list of everything asked so far. 

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AMA: Multi-generational management

Tony asks:

I know you’ve been in management positions before. Have you ever had to be managed by someone younger than you, though? Or have you ever had to manage people older than you? How does it work out?

And here’s the list of everything asked so far.

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