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Stuart reader asks: Cyber security, Artificial intelligence and hacking are all [trending] in the media recently. Microsoft has prevented access to political groups sites, Banks are wanting to have a more streamlined user experience. And people are warning that AI will be more disruptive and could be the end for us all. Should we all …

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Ifiok writes: Don, I have read your comments on some political issues and I would say I understood a lot after reading your posts. My question is on one of the most sensitive issues in US – the appointment of supreme court judges. I have always believed that these judges are expected to be neutral …

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Jeremy writes: In the spirit of ‘Be The Master‘ and the non-binary teacher-student relationship, what is something that you are currently a novice in, and how are you working to approach mastery at it? I hope you’ll ask a question, too! Visit here for info. And here’s the list of everything asked so far.