Listen: Toxic vs. Healthy Workplaces

My crew and I are joined by Jon Junell (@jonhikes) as we talk about the characteristics of toxic workplaces and healthy workplaces. It’s more than you might think – open your mind a bit before you listen, and see how other folks evaluate this complex and personal topic.

Listen: Digital Minimalism

Join Josh Duffney (@joshduffney) and my crew for a talk on… digital minimalism? This from the guy with every iDevice there is? Yeah – a pretty mind-opening talk, and one I think you’ll enjoy. Show notes below the break.

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Listen: This Time, I’m Being Asked the Career Questions

And now for something completely different: this time, I get interviewed. Michael Levan (@TheNJDevOpsGuy) joins me and @PSHDonsBoss to ask questions about the current state of my career, how I got there, and more. We tangent nicely into what leadership means, and why some tech folks aren’t sure they want to get into management. We touch on how to start making a role for yourself, and lots more. It’s a great discussion, and it includes some perspectives on my career that you don’t usually hear (and some candid facts you probably have never heard).

Listen: Leading & Learning

This turned out to be a kind of freewheeling discussion between myself, our question-asker Patrick, and three guests. It circles around the idea of leading a team of technologists, and not only on how technology gets selected in an environment, but how those three lead their teams to the right learning to get the job done – and to support their teams’ overall careers. Audio is a bit messy in spots, but I hope you enjoy the listen.

Listen: Is Infrastructure from Code Right for Me? Which Toolset is Best?

Are you wondering if “Infrastructure from Code” is a good approach for your company? Surprisingly – yes! The benefits go far beyond mere automation. With that said, which toolset is best? How do you get started? How do you sell it to the business? All that and more answered in this episode.

Listen: Steering a Career as a Woman in Tech

If you’re a woman in technology – specifically, in this case, a database administrator – how do you steer your career? How do you overcome imposter syndrome? How do you build a network of colleagues to help grow and support your career? SQL Server/PowerShell MVP Chrissy LeMaire joins for this insightful discussion.