Don’t be the “Firsthole.”

I noticed something this week that really struck home. You’ve no doubt noticed how many people’s first reaction to anything is to get really aggressive about it. You see it in stores when you’re shopping, at airports, even driving on the road. And you know it isn’t always the most effective tactic, but perhaps you’ve never know what that behavior is called.

It’s called “Being the Firsthole.”

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Is Your House Thief-Resistant?

As some of my close friends know, my house was broken into while I was on vacation near the end of October. We didn’t lose much of monetary value, although the sentimental value and overall emotional impact was pretty high. We learned a lot – we have cameras in the house, so we were able to watch the robbery in progress (yeah, that was painful). So I thought I’d share some lessons and take-aways.

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