Fiction Books

As my career moved more into senior leadership and out of day-to-day technology, I needed something to keep me occupied. I still love writing, and I’ve had tons of stories locked up in my head for years – decades, really – so I decided to try my hand at fiction.

Most of these are available on Amazon as part of Kindle Unlimited (if you have that; you can also buy Kindle editions) and paperbacks. Leanpub offers standard ebook files and returns more revenue to the author.

Sparks! is a free title, and consists of story ideas (prologues, first chapters, etc.) and short stories. It’s updated over time, and you can indicate via a poll which ideas you’d like to see fleshed out until full novels.


A History of the Galactic War

A History of the Galactic War is where I figured out how to construct a story without dialogue: it’s written as a history textbook from hundreds of years in the future, reflecting on the Galactic War that was, at that point, long in the past.



The Achillios Chronicles is a trilogy set on a distant world. Originally colonized and terraformed by people like us, they’ve lost track of their technologies and have fallen into a fragmented, almost-feudal society. But all of that’s about to change, and they’ll need to rediscover their history.

The Prime Wave Accounting is a two-book series covering a downtrodden group of superheroes, along with a trans-galactic custodian who happens to know the source of their powers – and has been tasked with destroying their world.

The Never

The Never: A Story of Peter and the Fae is the book I’ve had in my head for over 20 years. It’s the Peter Pan story you think you know, except the real story starts long before that Lost Boy came to Neverland, and it continues long after those three children from London returned home.


Tales of the Icelandic Troll

Tales of the Icelandic Troll is set in the Star Trek universe, but it’s like no Trek you’ve ever seen. After the starships leave and the Klingons are conquered, someone has to clean up the mess, and that’s where this rescue-and-salvage team comes in.