DevOps and DSC Camp Detailed Agenda

In addition to the draft general agenda and the overall event brochure (which includes registration info), we’ve now got a list of the topics we’ll be workshopping!

  • Welcome & State of the DevOps/DSC Art Address
  • Building A Complete Lab in DSC (“The Lab-Building DSC Shit-Show”)
  • JEA (with DSC) for Delegated Administration
  • Writing Pester Tests to Validate Infrastructure
  • Have Ya Seen Azure DSC?
  • Building an Infrastructure Delivery Pipeline (“Infrastructure from Code”)
  • Test-Kitchen and DSC
  • Unit Testing Existing DSC Resource Codebases
  • Enhancing the Pipeline with New Community Driven Projects

This is a pretty serious lineup from some pretty knowledgeable folks – and because we’re limiting the event to under 20 people (including Microsoft team members in attendance) you can be assured of a deeply engaged and interactive experience! We have only a handful of seats remaining, and don’t forget that the fee includes your hotel room and almost all of your meals!! Grab the brochure and register today!

(And no, due in part to the very interactive, discussion-based nature of the event, and the fact that some of it takes place in nonstandard venues like my back yard, we will not be streaming or recording. This is an event where being there is the whole point.)