Raffle: Free e-books, Autographed print books

I’m holding a raffle! You can read on for the gory details (and my motivations, just so we’re clear on them), or just visit the raffle and start entering.

The Prizes

  • Base Level (10 prizes): A free copy of every ebook I’ve published on Leanpub.com.
  • Level 1 (5 prizes, unlocks after 250 entries): A free, autographed print copy of 5 Leanpub.com book I’ve written for which a print edition is available. You get to pick your titles, and you get ebook titles of the rest of ’em.
  • Level 2: (2 prizes, unlocks after 500 entries): A free, autographed print copy of every Leanpub.com book I’ve written for which a print edition is available. You get ebook titles for any that aren’t available in print.
  • Level 3: (1 prize, unlocks after 750 entries): A free, autographed print copy of every book I’ve authored or co-authored for which a print edition is currently available. That includes my Month of Lunches titles from Manning!
  • Level 4 (1 prize, unlocks after 1000 entries): Everything in Level 3, plus a free on-year subscription to Pluralsight, and free admission to an in-person or online Be the Master career workshop in 2020.

Start entering right now!!


Motivations: mine are simple, here. As I’m working less in tech, I’m just trying to expand my audience reach a bit. I don’t want to annoy people every day, or even every week, but when I’ve got a new book (like, a few times a year), I’d like to be able to reliably reach out and let people know. So the main way to earn extra “raffle tickets” in this is to sign up for the mailing list, and to refer friends. I am massively respectful with mailing lists, as I also hate spam. I run them through MailChimp, which ensures a one-click opt-out. I never rent, sell, share, or use the list with anyone else, and I don’t use it to promote anything that I didn’t make myself or with a co-author. The nature of Twitter and Facebook make them unreliable in terms of getting out a quick piece of news, so I’d like to have a bit closer of a relationship with people who find what I do useful.

Who might you refer? Anyone who likes fantasy or science-fiction books, for one. Anyone who has a job and wants to think more clearly about how to make their job work for them instead of the other way around. Anyone interested in teaching and instructional design. Dig deep. You know people <grin>.

Sound okay? Get started!

How it Works

The raffle runs through 9-December-2019 at 11:59PM US Pacific time.

Each action you take in the raffle garners you one “ticket,” meaning one entry. The system randomly draws from the eligible entries once the raffle ends. There are currently 5 ways to earn up to 14 tickets.

I strongly recommend you use a personal email address when entering, because businesses tend to dial up the spam filters pretty high. If you win, but don’t respond to my email notification within three business days, I’ll draw another winner for your prize.

The prize packages are tiered, somewhat like a Kickstarter campaign. The more entries received, the more packages that will be “unlocked.” That’s meant to entice you to let friends and colleagues know about it, not to create some kind of bot-farm to create fake email addresses to sign up with. I’m not such a big operation that I won’t notice that, and I’ll just delete them all. Also, any tampering will rend the entire raffle completely null and void.

There are 19 prize packages in total; once the raffle concludes, the system will pick 19 winners, all in random order. I will work through those in order, working through the list until all eligible prize packages have been assigned. Winners will be contacted by email with the specifics of redeeming their prizes. Again, winners have three business days to respond, after which I’ll discard their entry and either offer it to an entry lower on the list (in the event that not all 19 packages were unlocked), or I’ll have the system re-draw a new random entry as a replacement.

With that in mind… get started!


This is open to everyone in the world! The exception are the physical prizes, which are only available if your country can receive USPS Global Priority mail, as that’s what I’ll be using. Alternately, if you’re willing to pay shipping for an alternate carrier like UPS or FedEx, then that’ll work, too.

No purchase is necessary aside from the alternate international shipping if you win. International recipients may be subject to import duties or taxes, which they are responsible for.

Ready? Go!

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