The (Happy) Fate of “The DSC Book”

As many of you know, Missy Januszko and I wrote The DSC Book some time ago. As we’ve moved on in our careers, we’ve not had the time to update the book – although we still feel it’s valuable and is worthy of being updated and expanded. So we’ve come up with a solution.

Effective immediately, The DSC Book is now an open-source project, “owned” by It remains available on Leanpub for a minimum price of $0, and if you choose to pay more, all proceeds go to The DevOps Collective‘s IT scholarship programs. The GitHub repo is public.

If you’d like to contribute to the book – and that includes noting any typos or other errors, as well as adding or updating material – please fork the repo, make your changes, and submit a pull request.

Missy and I want to thank everyone who supported us by purchasing the book, and we want to thank everyone who’ll contribute to the book’s contents in the future.

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