Be the Master

Several years ago, I wrote a blog post here entitled, “Be the Master, or Go Away.” The basic gist was the we’ve all had someone help us in our lives and careers; if you’re not lining yourself up to do the same, then you’re kind of just consuming resources, and you should stop it.

The feedback was pretty good, but I realized that I could be a lot more prescriptive in the message. Some people don’t know how to start helping others, and paying back their “debt.” Many of us don’t think we’re “worthy” of helping others yet.

And so I wrote Be the Master, which is now in its fourth edition. It’s a book about defining your success, achieving that success, and realizing that you are worthy.

Get it Here:

For me, it’s a hugely important message. So much so, that I’ve made a trimmed-down (abridged) version of the book, based on the third edition, available for free. I call it the “Special Edition,” and you can get it as a PDF, MOBI, and EPUB all in one download.

If it speaks to you, I strongly urge you to grab the full Fourth Edition. There’s also an audiobook, and a self-paced audio workshop.

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