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This is where you can purchase books, audio editions, and workshop recordings for Be the Master.

Note that “Be the Master” is being retired in favor of a new, upgraded book that I expect to start writing in the second half of 2020. The items on this page will remain available for purchase only for a short while.

These products are offered for the personal use of the purchaser only. These may not be shared, loaned, or rented. Please respect the author’s rights and protect the author’s ability to earn a living from this content. Thank you.

Audio products are available only for direct purchase; they are not available on Audible or other storefronts. Audio products are sold as a DRM-free M4B file, which includes chapter markers. iOS users, this will work directly on your device. Android users may need a playback app ($2; and here’s a free one).

Physical Books and eBooks
  • Be the Master, 4th edition is the current edition of the book, available as a Leanpub ebook or in Kindle or paperback from Amazon. It’s included in Kindle Unlimited and the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library. If you’re ready for something that’s actionable, real-world, and in-depth, this is the book for you.
  • The Grind is the workbook referenced in Be the Master; you can get a print-it-yourself PDF that can be used in any year. You can also get a spiral-bound hardcopy that’s laid out specifically for the current year.
4th Edition Audiobook

The complete Be the Master, 4th edition, read by the author.

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Listen to “Timothy the Blacksmith,” from “Be the Master, 4th edition audiobook”
On-Demand Audio Workshop

This is an audio recording of a complete, five-hour Be the Master workshop. Note that the audio is not studio-grade, as this was recorded live as part of an actual workshop delivered by Don Jones. You will hear workshop participants’ questions and comments, helping you better understand how people are putting Be the Master in action.

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Listen to a 20-minute sample from the Be the Master audio workshop.