Non-Tech Nonfiction

I’ve been blessed with a long and diverse career that’s included opportunities for leadership, lessons in instructional design, and exposure to a breadth of corporate cultures. When I can, I try to distill what I’ve learned into short books, with the hope that those can help others in some small way.

Where possible, I provide links to purchase books from Leanpub (which offers ebooks only, and returns more of the purchase price to the author) as well as Amazon (most books are in Kindle unlimited, and Amazon offers paperbacks as well).

Be the Master, 4th Edition, was a look at what “success” really means, and what it means to help yourself and others achieve that success. It’s an ode to paying back the debt you may not realize you owe. It’s message is, “wouldn’t you rather your life be measured by the lives you’ve helped?”

The book was retired in 2020, and much of the content and overall messaging rolled into Soft Skills

How to Find a Wolf in Siberia is my attempt to explain troubleshooting as a general, procedural, repeatable thing, no matter what it is you’re troubleshooting. If you’ve ever wished you had better troubleshooting skills, start here.


Let’s Talk Business

Let’s Talk Business was an employee’s guide to understanding the business world. It’s a plain-English look at things like P&L statements, why businesses behave the way they do, and more.

The book was retired in 2020, and much of the content and messaging rolled into Mastering Your Technology Career.

The Culture of Learning

The Culture of Learning is a look at what that phrase most commonly means, and what it should mean. It’s a fairly actionable way to think about learning in a corporate environment, and how to take a hard look at how your organization approaches it.


Instructional Design for Mortals

Instructional Design for Mortals is perfect for anyone who needs to teach others, but who hasn’t been graced with a PhD in how to do so. It’s a plain-English look at cognition and learning, along with practical, actionable techniques for creating better learning content.