Constitution Class: The First Amendment

If you live outside the US, or even if you live in the US and just haven’t been especially interested in government stuff, our Constitutional amendments might seem a little confusing — especially given the contexts in which they’re often raised in the press. This series will explore each amendment in as nonpolitical a way as possible, and we’ll begin with the First.

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[politics] Impeachment: An Explainer

A bunch of my non-US friends – and for that matter, some of my US friends – have asked me about my thoughts on the current Presidential impeachment investigation, and in doing so they’ve revealed some misunderstandings about the process that I wanted to try and clear up.

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AMA: Whassup with SCOTUS?

Ifiok writes:

Don, I have read your comments on some political issues and I would say I understood a lot after reading your posts.

My question is on one of the most sensitive issues in US – the appointment of supreme court judges. I have always believed that these judges are expected to be neutral in all cases and should base their decisions only on the law and its technicalities.

How come we hear the parties scrambling to get a judge that’s on their side – I hear things like “a judge with conservative views …”. Why does it matter if a judge believes in a particular parties ideologies and not the other?

This certainly speaks to me of a very partial supreme court system whose decisions are extremely political. In that case where lies the checks and balances the judiciary (and other arms of government) were supposed to uphold.

I hope this is not too long

Thanks for what you do the PowerShell community and your general followers.

I hope you’ll ask a question, too! Visit here for info. And here’s the list of everything asked so far.

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In the wake of multiple gun-related atrocities in the past few months – Orlando, Las Vegas, and Parkland most recently – I wanted to try and offer a less-biased approach to the background of the “gun issue” in the United States.

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