What Would You Like to Talk About?

Ever need a quick brain-dump on a new technology? Wonder how to line your career up for a particular kind of job? Curious about other things affecting your job or career? Perspectives in Tech is for you!

This podcast is centered around you. You suggest the topic, and I dig through my Rolodex to find the expert or experts best suited to discuss that topic with us. I get us all on a call together, and help moderate the discussion – but you get to ask all the questions. Each call is recorded, and becomes an episode of the podcast program.


Right now, I’m working on the first episodes of the show, which will then go through the submission process for Google Play, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify. Check back here for subscription links.

Topical Ideas

You can suggest any kind of topic from the information technology field, or general career. Just to get your imagination working, these are the kinds of topics I’m imagining:

  • I’ve been in the IT field for 20 years, and I’m wondering what comes next. I’m kind of bored with just being a server maintenance guy.
  • I’m a woman trying to “break in” to what I realize has traditionally been a “boys club.” Anything I should have in mind as I move forward?
  • My company is looking to implement a multi-cloud solution, but I’m struggling with the one we already have. How can I wrap my head around this?
  • What exactly is a “DevOps Toolchain” and what do I do with one?
  • I’ve read Be the Master and want to start helping or mentoring others, but I work in a small shop and there isn’t really anyone who needs my help. What should I be thinking of instead?
  • I’m an old-school IT person and all the current buzz over machine learning and AI is just flying over my head. What’s it mean to me?

We’ll try to keep each chat to under an hour, although once we get going, if you’re game to go a bit over, we can.

Out-of-Bounds Topics

Please keep your topical requests fairly high-level. Like, I’m not going to be able to help you write a script, do your homework, make personal career recommendations, or accomplish other work output. The idea here is to educate, and I’ll be focusing on topics that will have broad appeal and applicability.


As the person submitting the topic, you’ll receive a poll showing available times. I’ll ask you to pick each time slot you could possibly do, and then I’ll reach out to my contacts to narrow that list down to a specific time for us all to chat. Please be as flexible as possible, and understand that I schedule based on US Pacific time zone.

Submit a Topic